Resource Guide

Last update June 18th, 2012.
This is just a guide and not an exhaustive list of every resource on the site.
Numbers in parentheses indicate Music Progressions objective levels 

Theory Resources

Music Alphabet & Piano Key Names

Note Reading

Musical Terms  & Symbols

Stem Placement

Accidentals, Whole & Half Steps & Enharmonics




Key Signatures

Harmonization & Analysis


Rhythm Games & Activities

Rhythm Games

Seasonal Resources

Rhythm Teaching Aids & Hands-On Ideas (Most appropriate for levels 1-4)

Listening Games & Activities

Qualities & Characteristics of Music

Interval Recognition

Beginning Dictation (Melodic & Rhythmic)

Seasonal-Themed Resources

Sightreading Games & Activities

Resources for Sale

  • Ear Training Worksheets: Reproducible worksheet sets with optional MP3 recordings (3 levels)
  • Hands On Rhythms: A multi-sensory elementary rhythm curriculum that lets student experience basic rhythm patterns through multiple senses and creative play.  Includes a reproducible student workbook.
  • Technique Tone-Ups: Reproducible worksheets for teaching scales, chords and arpeggios
  • Theory Time Tests: Reproducible timed drills to help students instantly recognize grand staff notes and intervals (2 sets)