Review: PractizPal Metronome

Every summer I look forward to the opportunity to dig in and really get to know all of the new music, apps and resources that accumulate in my studio during the year. With all of the new technology and resources that are constantly becoming available, it’s an exciting time to be a music teacher! This fun new addition to my shelf has been attracting a … Continue reading

Review: Right Brain Music

Do you have students that struggle with note reading?  Memorizing the names and positions of notes on the staff can be a tricky task for students, and finding the right way to approach it an equally tricky challenge for teachers. I was recently contacted by Alyssa from Right Brain Music, LLC, and delighted to learn about a new approach to note-reading that she and her … Continue reading

Review: Spirit of ’76 (A Patriotic March for Solo Piano)

Happy (early) 4th of July to all of my American colleagues!    I’m happy to admit that I started my holiday celebrations a bit early this year – I spent the past weekend enjoying family, tasty BBQ and fresh watermelon. 🙂  I also had the opportunity to play through a delightful new patriotic solo by composer Betty Lea Martocchio that’s hot off the presses and perfect for … Continue reading