Giant Sightreading Cards

I decided as I was doing some lesson planning last night that it needed to be a “fun” sightreading week in my studio.  Part of our weekly private lesson routine is to start each lesson with sightreading and/or technique.   Many students will be arriving at lessons a little stressed this week.  At school, they’re working on state assessments, plus in our studio we’re down … Continue reading

Boomwhacker Sightreading Cards

I’m VERY excited about a fun new toy I picked up for my studio last week.   I love using my set of Boomwhackers in lessons.   We pull them out frequently to make note flashcards more fun, or to “whack” out rhythms.   And with this latest addition, now we can use them to spice up our sightreading! With the XyloTote Tube Holder and … Continue reading

Boomwhacker Flashcards

One of my favorite mid-lesson monotony breakers is the bucket of boomwhackers I keep in my studio.   Whoever invented those things was truly genius!  They’re a fantastic way to work off some energy or “beat” out a little piano-induced frustration.   They’re also a great way to make flash card drills a LOT more fun for students. A while ago, I created some jumbo-sized flashcards to … Continue reading