Movement Songs

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes:
Listening & Movement Songs for Elementary Music Students

Watch your students wiggle, dance, run and draw as they learn basic listening skills. Each of the 15 songs in this book inspires students to respond to the music they hear through creative movements. Sure to add lots of fun and smiles to your studio or classroom!!

Listening skills covered include the ability to:

  • Recognize high, low and middle pitches
  • Recognize patterns of pitches
  • Keep a steady
  • Recognize rhythm patterns
  • Respond to sound and silence
  • Hear the difference between forte and piano
  • Hear the difference between legato and staccato

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Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes

Sample Content: Sample 1 – Sample 2

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes Cover Includes: Student Workbook
Level: Beginner – Beginner
Format: PDF
Printing: 8.5″ x 11″ – Black and White
Pages: 35
Price: $8.00

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes Recordings

Sample Content: Sample 1

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes Cover Includes: 15 recordings that correspond to the Workbook
Level: Beginner
Format: ZIP file containing MP3s
Size: 24MB
Price: $5.00

Head-Shoulders-Ears-Toes CD Case Insert (28.6 KiB)

Head-Shoulders-Ears-Toes CD Label (37.4 KiB)


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