Ear Training

Workbooks with CDs allow students to work on ear training skills at home each week, freeing up valuable lesson time! An excellent tool to introduce to even your earliest beginners. Each level includes 24 exercises to develop pitch skills, rhythm skills and general musicianship skills (check out the links below for specifics). Teacher’s guides for each level include answer keys, tips for student success and a suggested order of study for each book.

Hands On Rhythms

A Multi-Sensory Approach for Private or Group Instruction

A wonderfully fun approach to learning rhythms for elementary students! In each of the 24 lessons in this book, students are presented with a rhythm pattern and given opportunity to experience it with multiple senses. Students will feel, hear, sing, see and write rhythms in their lesson using a variety of inexpensive props and reproducibles, and then experience them again at home during the week with guidance from a student workbook. With an emphasis on feeling and hearing before seeing, this student-friendly approach is sure to build rhythmic success and bring lots of energy to your classroom!

Rhythm objectives covered include:

  • Internalizing a steady pulse
  • Quarter, half, dotted half an whole note values
  • Quarter, half and whole rest values
  • Internalizing long durations
  • Counting by measures in 3/4 and 4/4 meters
  • Ties
  • Upbeats and Downbeats
  • Simple syncopation

Head and Shoulders, Ears and Toes

Listening & Movement Songs for Elementary Music Students

Watch your students wiggle, dance, run and draw as they learn basic listening skills. Each of the 15 songs in this book ask students to respond to the music they hear with a set of creative movements. Sure to add lots of fun and smiles to your studio or classroom!!

Listening skills covered include the ability to:

  • Recognize high, low and middle pitches
  • Recognize patterns of pitches
  • Keep a steady
  • Recognize rhythm patterns
  • Respond to sound and silence
  • Hear the difference between forte and piano
  • Hear the difference between legato and staccato

Technique Tone-Ups

Reproducible Worksheets for Teaching Scales, Chords and Arpeggios

Reproducible worksheets let your students write their own scale book! You choose the key, then they reinforce their knowledge of theory by writing out their own scale chord and arpeggio exercises to practice. Includes 6 progressive years of technique for both major and minor keys.

Theory TimeTests

Reproducible Drills for Instant Recognition of the Musical Language

A series of reproducible exercises designed to help students achieve instant recognition of musical symbols, facilitating smooth and effective reading. Each book contains a progressive series of timetests that ask students to identify a written note or interval, and challenges that ask students to draw a note or interval. Includes a reproducible chart to track progress. A great tool designed to build successful readers in just minutes a week!