We’re Back

Pianimation.com has been up and down the last few days due to the high volume of traffic that the site has been receiving. We’ve upgraded our hosting plan and tweaked a few nobs. Hopefully we won’t run into any more issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Review: Right Brain Music

Do you have students that struggle with note reading?  Memorizing the names and positions of notes on the staff can be a tricky task for students, and finding the right way to approach it an equally tricky challenge for teachers. I was recently contacted by Alyssa from Right Brain Music, LLC, and delighted to learn about a new approach to note-reading that she and her … Continue reading

Key Signature Jeopardy

It’s group week in my studio!   My middle and high school students have been brushing up on their key signatures this month, so I wanted a fun way to review those concepts at our group lessons.  In the course of my lesson planning, I ran across this great website that allows teachers to build customized Jeopardy games.   My older students LOVE any game … Continue reading

Thought for the Week

“All intellectual improvement arises from leisure.” ~Samuel Johnson~  I ran across this quote last week, and thought it was a perfect sentiment to share during this Spring Break month.   I hope during this busy springtime season that all of you find some time to refuel your creative juices and enjoy a little bit of silence.  Wishing you all a happy spring break!!   … Continue reading

Sensory Spotlight: Resistance Band Rhythms

I’m really excited to get to share a new series of posts with all of you this spring!  Sensory Spotlight posts will give you all a little glimpse into some of the fun, hands-on toys and activities we use in my studio when we’re learning new pieces (or perhaps working on some trouble spots in not-so-new pieces!).  I hope you enjoy!!  Resistance Band Rhythms Does … Continue reading

KCMTA Workshop Follow Up

Welcome, KCMTA members and friends!  I’d like to say a big “thank you” to all of you who came out for the “Get Off the Bench!” workshop.  I hoped you walked away with some fun new ideas to try with your students this semester!   If you’re new to this site, I’d encourage you to take a look through the “Teacher Resources” menu above.  You’ll … Continue reading

$5 Coupon for Alberti Publishing

Happy New Year!  To kick off 2012, the folks at Alberti Publishing are offering readers a $5 off coupon, good for any sheet music download from their site.   Visit www.albertipublishing.com and enter the code APB560 at checkout.    If you haven’t visited their site before, you’ll definitely want to stop by check it out. They have a wonderful (and ever-growing) collection of download-and-print pedagogical piano … Continue reading

Christmas Carol Analysis Worksheets

It’s group lesson week in my studio… our last group week before Christmas!    A couple of my groups have been working on chord analysis skills this semester, and so this month I thought it would be fun for us to do a little Christmas-themed review.    Many familiar Christmas carols can be played with only a few simple diatonic chords, so they’re perfect for … Continue reading

Another Benefit of Music Study

Many a study done in recent years has shown that music, (and specifically learning to play music) makes us smarter.   A new study I ran across this weekend adds an interesting new twist to what we already know about the benefits of music study: childhood music study may have lifelong impact – even into our old age. This article about a study done by … Continue reading

WMMTA Kick-Off Meeting Follow-Up

Greetings, WMMTA members and guests!   Thanks for allowing me to join you for your kick-off meeting – I was honored to get to spend the evening with such a wonderful bunch of teachers!! As promised, here’s the link to a digital copy of the list of resources in your workshop handout, complete with links to the different resources I mentioned: I hope you’ll enjoy … Continue reading