Review: InTune App

When it comes to intonation, we pianists have it easy.   Playing in tune is as simple as striking the right key and having the piano tuner’s phone number handy.  But, if you teach other instruments, or ever work as a coach/accompanist, you know that for the rest of the musical world, intonation isn’t such a simple thing.   Earlier this year, Professor Dan Kazez … Continue reading

This is Your Brain… on Music! (Part 2)

I promised last week when I posted my new studio incentive program for the coming school year that I’d share more about the resources that I’m using for all of the different elements on our syllabus this year.    Here’s a look at some of the things we’ll be doing to get our brains hooked on music!   General Syllabus Objectives Both this year’s “This is … Continue reading

Google Currents – Pianimation Edition

It’s time for a guest post!  My wonderful, tech-savvy husband, Nathan, has long worked behind the scenes of my website and blog.  Over the holiday break he worked on a fun new way for readers with mobile devices to follow blog posts.   If you like to keep up with news “on-the-go” you’ll want to check out the details below:   Pianimation is now available … Continue reading

A Little Rhythm “Medicine”

There are certain necessary parts of music study that can be just plain not fun for young students. Like counting aloud while playing.  Or practicing with a metronome.   YUK.   From a student perspective, those chores are hard and frustrating (if you’ve resorted to using such forms of torture, it probably means something is going wrong in a piece, or at the very least, not coming easily … Continue reading

Spotify: Great Music Resource!

U.S. teachers…. have you discovered Spotify?   This fantastic new music resource became available in the U.S. a few months ago.    It’s a web-based music library, much like iTunes, that allows you to search for recordings and store them in a personal library of playlists.   The exciting part?  You can access millions of recordings for FREE!   The site has a wonderful collection … Continue reading