New Scale Resources

I mentioned in a post earlier this spring that February was scale month in our studio (and as it turned out, March as well).   I’ve found that it’s easiest for my students and I to make it through all of our yearly musicianship goals when we place an emphasis on one or two things at a time, rather than juggle several things at each … Continue reading

Tonic Tutor: Online Theory Games

  Do your students enjoy playing online theory games??  If so, you’ll want to check out this exciting new resource: Tonic Tutor is an online theory resource full of games to help students drill interval recognition, melody playback, scales, chords, note reading and more.    I have to admit, I hadn’t run across this fun new site until co-creator Christine Donkin contacted me last week, … Continue reading

The Really, Really Long Music Game

Already a little scared by the title of this post?   I’ve used this new game at group lessons for the last 2 months, and hadn’t really settled on a name for it until a student pointed out this month that the gameboard was “really, really, really long!”  Don’t let the title intimidate you – this is a super-versatile game that can pack a LOT … Continue reading

Student Activity Binders

Every good pedagogy student and music teacher knows that it’s important to teach more than repertoire.   There’s lots of extra “stuff” that goes into a well-balanced piano curriculum.   Stuff like theory… and sightreading… and rhythm, technique, ear training, music history, improv, composing… and the list goes on!  During the month of July, I often find that my desk is buried under piles of … Continue reading