Shoot for the Stars Visual Syllabus & Incentive Program

The new school year has officially begun!  After a couple of weeks of much-needed vacation, my students and I started fall lessons last week… which meant it was time to unveil our new studio theme for the year:   For the last couple of years, we’ve tracked student progress using themed visual syllabus sheets that slide into the cover of each student’s assignment binders (you … Continue reading

This Is Your Brain on Music… Party Time!

We did it!  Thanks to many long hours of work throughout the school year, my students musicianship binders have gone from being blank slates:   to well-checked, stickered and tallied records of all they’ve accomplished this year!   As a part our “This is Your Brain On Music” incentive program, students earned Cranium Coins for each of the musical goals and tasks they accomplished through … Continue reading

Jump-Start Your January!

Do your students need a little extra motivation this time of the year?  Christmas (and Christmas break) is over, back to school means back to homework, the days are short and the weather is cold.  That can all add up to a case of the “blahs”… and not much desire to practice with a lot of heart or effort! Whether you use a long-term incentive … Continue reading

This is Your Brain… on Music! (Part 2)

I promised last week when I posted my new studio incentive program for the coming school year that I’d share more about the resources that I’m using for all of the different elements on our syllabus this year.    Here’s a look at some of the things we’ll be doing to get our brains hooked on music!   General Syllabus Objectives Both this year’s “This is … Continue reading

This is Your Brain… on Music! (Part 1)

The countdown to the new school year has begun…   Judging from the crowd at the teacher supply store last week, I’m not the only one who has kicked into planning mode for the year!  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks cleaning and organizing my studio and prepping student materials – including putting the finishing touches on materials for a new studio incentive program. … Continue reading

Mission: Music – There’s More!

One of my absolute favorite things about hosting this site is hearing from other teachers who have successfully used resources with their students.   A few weeks ago, I heard from Miss Dorla from Dorla’s Piano Studio, who shared that she and her students had used the Mission: Music Incentive Program and had just celebrated the end of the year with a travel-themed recital.  Her … Continue reading

Mission: Music – Accomplished!!

It’s nearly the end of the school year!  This week is the last week of the semester for my students.  After our final studio recitals of the year tonight, we’ll all be taking a couple of well-earned weeks off before summer lessons start.   Hooray! This week, I’m celebrating with all of my students who have successfully completed our Mission: Music incentive program (check out … Continue reading

Mission: Music Incentive

Bring on the school year!  All of my new studio incentive materials are back from the printer and ready to find their way into the hands of my students.  For any of you looking for incentive ideas, here’s a look at what we’re doing this year: This new studio incentive is a little bit “Mission: Impossible” and a little bit “Amazing Race.”   Each student … Continue reading

Musikopoly Incentive Program

I’ve been taking advantage of some summer down-time to work on studio planning for the upcoming school year.    My big project this week was putting together a new studio incentive program to kick-off in the fall.    This year, I really wanted to do something with music money.   (Thanks to Cecilly and Susan on the Piano Teacher Resources site for a great post … Continue reading