PractizPal Giveaway Winner

The winner of our PractizPal Metronome giveaway is (drumroll, please)………… Comment #45: Melissa B.   Congratulations, Melissa!   I hope you and your students enjoy trying out this wonderful tool!   If you didn’t win, check out for a list of retailers where you and your students can pick up your own PractizPal.  (Note: Giveaway winner determined by random number generator at   … Continue reading

Review: PractizPal Metronome

Every summer I look forward to the opportunity to dig in and really get to know all of the new music, apps and resources that accumulate in my studio during the year. With all of the new technology and resources that are constantly becoming available, it’s an exciting time to be a music teacher! This fun new addition to my shelf has been attracting a … Continue reading

No more mistakes!

It’s amazing what the human mind is capable of, when its resolve is strong enough.  Sometimes playing accurately is just a matter of deciding not to play wrong notes.  End of story. A number of my students are preparing duet repertoire to perform in our local association’s annual Multi-Piano Concert in a few weeks.  I LOVE this event.  The repertoire is always fun, and the community … Continue reading

Jump-Start Your January!

Do your students need a little extra motivation this time of the year?  Christmas (and Christmas break) is over, back to school means back to homework, the days are short and the weather is cold.  That can all add up to a case of the “blahs”… and not much desire to practice with a lot of heart or effort! Whether you use a long-term incentive … Continue reading

A Must-Read Article for Every Piano Parent

Last week, NPR’s Deceptive Cadence blog ran a wonderful series of articles aimed at parents of music students.  If you don’t follow the blog, you’ll want to go check our their “Young Person’s Guide to Making Music” – it’s well worth a read for all of us teachers as well.   My favorite bit of wisdom from the week?  A post by host Anastasia Tsioulcas, … Continue reading

A Little Rhythm “Medicine”

There are certain necessary parts of music study that can be just plain not fun for young students. Like counting aloud while playing.  Or practicing with a metronome.   YUK.   From a student perspective, those chores are hard and frustrating (if you’ve resorted to using such forms of torture, it probably means something is going wrong in a piece, or at the very least, not coming easily … Continue reading

New Practice Helper

Meet the newest member of my studio! At our state conference a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a wonderful workshop by Betty Todd Smith titled “You Like to Practice?  Why???” As a part of the presentation, she discussed fun and creative ideas to help students learn to repeat tricky passages.  The one that grabbed me?  Mr. Potato Head!  Students start with … Continue reading