“You Be the Judge” Critical Listening Cards

Happy New Year!  I hope all of you enjoyed some well-deserved time off over the holidays and are feeling re-energized and ready to start a new semester.    If your studio calendar is anything like mine, spring time brings a variety of different audition, festival and recital opportunities.   My students are already hard at work (or back at work, in most cases) preparing repertoire … Continue reading

Fun Duet Repertoire

Anyone wonder why it’s been so quiet around here lately?  I thought I’d give all of you a peek at what’s been keeping me busy the last few weeks, and some ideas for fun duet repertoire… all in one post!   I’ve been privileged to serve as a coordinator for our local association’s Multi-Piano Concerts for the last three years.  It’s an exciting program – … Continue reading

Impress vs. Express

I spent last Saturday accompanying some wonderful student soloists at our state high school Solo & Ensemble Festival, hosted by the music department of Emporia State University.  On a trip upstairs to the practice rooms, I ran across a hand-written sign tacked on a bulletin board at the end of the hall.   I LOVED this sentiment, and thought it was particularly appropriate to share … Continue reading

Thought for the Day

For a number of years, I’ve kept a page-a-day calendar from one of my favorite artists on top of my digital piano.   Most of the quotes and art are witty and lighthearted – a nice start to the teaching day as I prep the studio for students to arrive.  Every now and then, though, there’s something a bit more thought-provoking.  This quote from last … Continue reading

Recital “Medicine”

It’s 8 days and counting to recital day in my studio.  I always enjoy this time of year – at lesson after lesson I get to hear polished, or “almost-there” music.  It’s a treat for my ears! For most students the week before the recital means that their piece is ready to go… except for that one measure that’s still hard to play with both … Continue reading

Elementary Evaluation Cards

As we prepare for adjudicated festivals through the year, I like to use group lessons as a chance for students to practice performing in front of peer “judges.”  It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about what criteria a judge uses to evaluate a performance, and really listen to a piece and dissect it’s elements. With my older students, I’ll often copy actual judge’s … Continue reading