This is Your Brain… on Music! (Part 2)

I promised last week when I posted my new studio incentive program for the coming school year that I’d share more about the resources that I’m using for all of the different elements on our syllabus this year.    Here’s a look at some of the things we’ll be doing to get our brains hooked on music!   General Syllabus Objectives Both this year’s “This is … Continue reading

The Right Notes

Every so often, a bright new idea comes along in the world of music pedagogy that makes you wonder, “Why didn’t anyone think of this before??”   The Right Notes is one of those ideas. Show of hands… how many of us find time to consistently and systematically introduce our students to music history?  Stories about the great composers, facts about period styles and instruments… Anyone??  … Continue reading

Composer History and Listening Activities

I’m back from a couple of weeks of vacation, and tackling some last-minute lesson prep before I start teaching again next week.    I received a number of emails while I was gone with questions about what I’m using for the Listening Challenge and Meet the Composer Challenges that are a part of our studio practice incentive program this year, so thought I’d share a … Continue reading