“You Be the Judge” Critical Listening Cards

Happy New Year!  I hope all of you enjoyed some well-deserved time off over the holidays and are feeling re-energized and ready to start a new semester.    If your studio calendar is anything like mine, spring time brings a variety of different audition, festival and recital opportunities.   My students are already hard at work (or back at work, in most cases) preparing repertoire … Continue reading

The Really, Really Long Music Game

Already a little scared by the title of this post?   I’ve used this new game at group lessons for the last 2 months, and hadn’t really settled on a name for it until a student pointed out this month that the gameboard was “really, really, really long!”  Don’t let the title intimidate you – this is a super-versatile game that can pack a LOT … Continue reading

New Smile-O-Meter Cards

Last spring, I made up some simple “Smile-O-Meter” evaluation cards to help my elementary students learn to critique themselves and each other after performances at group lessons.  They had a great time filling in smiley faces, and the cards have since become a staple at group lessons.   I use them frequently in private lessons, too.  When I want a student to self-assess their progress … Continue reading

Steps to Success

Today was the first day of summer lessons for my studio. I forget how much I LOVE teaching in the summer. Not only do I get to trade in long, crammed nights of teaching for some welcome daytime lessons, but, in a way that doesn’t happen during the school year my students and I get to be mentally “all there” for our time together. Without … Continue reading