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Do you enjoy connecting and learning from your teaching colleagues on the web?  (My guess is that if you’re online reading this, the answer is “yes.” :)).   If so, I’m excited to let you in on a fun new project our local association has just launched that you’ll want to know about! 

I count myself blessed to be a part of a very active and supportive local association here in Kansas City.   At the moment, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to serve our group as President… which means I sit in on a LOT of meetings, and have a LOT of opportunities to learn from and be inspired by a wonderful group of colleagues!  

Photo courtesy of nan palmero on Flickr

Photo courtesy of nan palmero on Flickr

KCMTA has just launched an online “Tip of the Month” forum, designed to connect teachers and share the wonderful wealth of knowledge that exists among us in a centralized, public place.   Over the course of the year, we’ll be talking about all kinds of topics that affect independent teachers – studio business & marketing, student motivation, literature, pedagogy and more.    


The best part?  Thanks to the web, you don’t have to be a member of our group to join in the discussion.   We’re excited to have the opportunity to share with and learn from colleagues all across the country (and even around the world).   

This September, we’re hosting a discussion on studio marketing.  Are you a business and marketing-savvy teacher who consistently has a full studio?  We’d love to hear your tried and true methods, or creative ideas for keeping your roster full.   Do you need some ideas to fill your last few slots for the year?  Come on over… you just might find something that will help!  

You’ll find us on the Tip of the Month page of the KCMTA website.  If you’d like to keep up with the conversation and be notified when comments and/or new posts are added, you can sign up to receive email notifications (on the left sidebar of the site), or RSS notification (on the top right menu bar).  


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