Mancala & Egg Carton Rhythms

What can you do with a mancala board, an empty egg carton and a handful of colored gemstones? Teach eighth notes (of course)! 

Egg Carton

Photo courtesy of greenchartreuse on Flickr

Reader Rebecca Martin recently shared this wonderful hands-on idea with me… and it was too good not to pass on to all of you. 🙂  

To introduce the concept of eighth notes, she guides students through an activity where they place colored gemstones in the wells of a mancala board or empty egg carton.   This looks like a fabulous way to practice counting, or even rhythmic dication, too.  

You can find detailed instructions on the activity Rebecca’s blog at    Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca!!


Mancala & Egg Carton Rhythms — 11 Comments

  1. Would really love to know about this egg carton game. It’s 9/24/13 and the site still doesn’t come up. Is there a different address now?

    • Unfortunately, I didn’t print out instructions – I just bookmarked the site myself, planning to come back later when I had a chance to use this at a group lesson. 🙁

      What I do remember, and can pass on, is that the mancala boards,or empty egg cartons worked as an aid to diagram eighth note rhythms. Prior to the activity, the teacher preps the boards or cartons by labeling each with a beat number, using a sticker or small piece of tape (i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4). Students then diagram rhythms by dropping colored gemstones in the wells – 1 per quarter note, 2 per eighth note, etc. It’s similar to an activity I do with the beat boards on my site that you can read about here:

      Hope that helps all of you who have been patiently waiting for the link to come back up!

      • If you would like a copy of Music Mancala (as a pdf file) just send me an email. My address is [email protected].

        Sorry about my website. My father passed away this Fall and I haven’t had time to take care of my website issues…

  2. Thanks for keeping this on the site! I’ve had a lot of people email me for a copy of the game. If you would like a copy of Music Mancala (as a pdf file) just send me an email. My address is [email protected].

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