Sightreading Pattern Cards – New Sets

Last summer, I created a set of pre-reading pattern cards to use with my beginning students.   The cards use simple 5-note patterns of steps and repeated notes on a 2-line staff, and encourage students to read by pattern, rather than note name.  We’ve really enjoyed using these in the studio through the year, so this summer I decided to add 2 more sets of pattern cards to my collection.

The first new set uses skips and repeated notes (no steps), on a 2- or 3-line staff.  Just like the original set, I opted to create both an iPad version that I could use at lessons, and a printable PDF I could send home with students, if desired.   The sets include 16 patterns – 8 for right hand and 8 for left hand.  Here’s a sample of an iPad graphic: 

Skip Pattern


and a sample of the printable version:

Skip Cards Thumbnail


The second new set uses a combination of steps, skips and repeated notes.  It also uses a mix of 2-line and 3-line staves.   Here’s a peek at an iPad graphic (you’ll notice that the background color of each iPad set is different, so they’re easy to organize):

Pattern 2


and a sample of the printable version:

Step & Skip Cards thumbnail


The iPad graphics come packaged as ZIP files that include the 16 individual graphics for each set.   You can find all 3 sets on the iPad Resources page.  

The printable PDFs come in a booklet with 2 patterns to a page.  Each booklet includes an instruction page for at-home practice.   You can find these sets on the Flash Cards page.  



Sightreading Pattern Cards – New Sets — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome ! I am totally going to use these. A lot of my students do not like to read the notes and I have discussed with them the importance of sight-reading as well as the supportive skills of dictation and solfege

  2. Woo hoo! I use the first set frequently with my beginner students and was just thinking about how nice it would be to expand the set. Thank you thank you!

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