Sightreading Pattern Cards – New Sets

Last summer, I created a set of pre-reading pattern cards to use with my beginning students.   The cards use simple 5-note patterns of steps and repeated notes on a 2-line staff, and encourage students to read by pattern, rather than note name.  We’ve really enjoyed using these in the studio through the year, so this summer I decided to add 2 more sets of … Continue reading

This Is Your Brain on Music… Party Time!

We did it!  Thanks to many long hours of work throughout the school year, my students musicianship binders have gone from being blank slates:   to well-checked, stickered and tallied records of all they’ve accomplished this year!   As a part our “This is Your Brain On Music” incentive program, students earned Cranium Coins for each of the musical goals and tasks they accomplished through … Continue reading