Musical Truth or Dare

Anyone up for a game of truth or dare?   Don’t worry… unlike the version of the game you might have played in junior high, this new musical rendition won’t require any red-faced confessions or pranks worthy of the principal’s office.   It will give you a fun way to review note names and intervals with your students! 

This game challenges students to demonstrate their knowledge of theory concepts in 2 ways – by naming answers “flashcard” style (for each truth card), and by performing tasks at the piano (for each dare card).  

“Truth” cards

The game comes in three levels, and includes a variety of questions related to note and interval recognition:

Level 1
Grand Staff Note Names (Bass F – Treble G)
Piano Key Names (white keys)
Steps & Skips

Level 2
Grand Staff Note Names (Bass C – Treble C)
Piano Key Names (black keys)
Intervals (2nds – 5ths) 

Level 3
Grand Staff Note Names (all lines & spaces)
Intervals (2nds – 8ths)
Whole & Half Steps 

Each level also includes a set of bonus cards that make the game adaptable for use in either a private lesson or group/classroom setting.   

To play in a group or classroom setting (competitive):
Select the cards from the deck you want to use and place them in a hat or bag.   Include some or all of the bonus cards (earn a treat, switch cards, lose a turn, take 2 turns in a row).  If you include the “treat” cards, you’ll want to make sure you have stickers, candy, extra music money, etc. on hand before the game starts.  

Designate a player to go first.  He or she will draw a card out of the hat, then answer the question on the card (either verbally or by performing a task at the piano).   If the student answers correctly, he or she keeps the card.  Play continues with each student taking turns in order. The game is over when all cards have been drawn, or you reach the end of a designated amount of time.  The player who holds the most cards at the end of the game wins.  

Note: If you have mixed levels of students in a group or class, you may choose to prepare two or more bags, each with a different level of cards.   Be sure to put a few bonus cards in each bag.  Before the game starts, designate which bag each student should draw from. 

To play in a private lesson setting (non-competitive):
This game can provide a fun alternative to traditional flashcards in a private lesson.    Select the cards from the deck you want to use and place them in a hat or bag.   Since there’s only one player involved, the only bonus cards you’ll need to include are the “treat” cards (2-3 treat cards make for a nice surprise in the middle of a bag of flashcards!).   Let your student draw cards from the hat one at a time, answering each with a “truth” or “dare.”  

The game file is available for download on the Games page.  All three levels of the game are included in the PDF file. 

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare.pdf
Version: PDF File
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