Key Signature Jeopardy

It’s group week in my studio!   My middle and high school students have been brushing up on their key signatures this month, so I wanted a fun way to review those concepts at our group lessons.  In the course of my lesson planning, I ran across this great website that allows teachers to build customized Jeopardy games.   My older students LOVE any game that we can play with the Eggspert quizzing buzzers, so Jeopardy is always a hit!  

Here are a couple of screenshots of the Jeopardy game I created:

The Jeopardy website allows you to include images found on the web, like the key signature pic in this question (unfortunately you can’t upload your own images).

 The game software includes a scoring system for up to 10 teams or individual players, and even allows you to include Daily Doubles and a Final Jeopardy question.   You can play games from either a computer or iPad, or print a list of the questions and answers and play offline.  

You can play the Key Signature Jeopardy game I created by clicking here.  You can also search the site for other pre-made games (a quick search for “music” brought up a HUGE number of games), or create your own customized game by visiting their home page.  (Note: Do not click any “download” buttons that appear at the top of the home page or the Jeopardy boards.  They are advertisements, and not necessary for the Jeopardy game – you’ll end up with downloads you don’t want!) 



Key Signature Jeopardy — 3 Comments

    • Thanks, Beth! You don’t need to register or pay to use the Jeopardy site. If you run into something that asks you to sign up or pay, you’ve probably stumbled onto another site (they unfortunately have some well-disguised ads; I ran into the same thing myself while I was exploring the site!).

  1. Great post! I just bought the eggspert buzzers. I’m curious about your HDTV set up, do you use Apple TV to get the image up on the screen and control it from the ipad? How else do you use the screen in group lessons and in private lessons? I’ve been thinking about putting up a screen for a while now. I have many more questions too about how you use technology. Technology doesn’t make a teacher great, but it’s fun and often helpful to use.

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