Alphabet Trail

Do you have new beginners in your studio this summer?  This colorful new game is just for them!

I like to give my beginning students numerous opportunities to work with the music alphabet and ascending/descending patterns before they are introduced to music on the staff.   Diligent pre-staff preparation (especially on those pesky descending patterns) really pays off in the long-run.

This game includes cards to drill alphabet patterns:

and piano key names:

To play, each student will need a game piece.  (The ducks in the picture above are pencil-top erasers I picked up at my local teacher supply store.)  Students take turns drawing cards, and moving their game piece down the trail on the game board.  The first student to draw a card that takes them past the last boulder on the board is the winner!

You can find the downloadable game file on the Games page or at the bottom of this post.   To assemble the gameboard, cut the 6 panels apart, then tape together to form one long board.  I used clear shipping tape to attach the panels of my board, leaving just enough space between each panel to allow the board to “hinge” easily.  

If you’d like to save ink, the game cards could be printed in black & white on colored paper or cardstock.   There are 2 optional cardback designs included at the end of the file – one color and one black & white.  

Alphabet Trail
Alphabet Trail
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Alphabet Trail — 13 Comments

  1. What fun! I love the bright colours, and you’ve made it just the right length for beginners, or those who need a review! Thanks for making up such a great game! I can hardly wait for music camp now!!!

  2. I used this game today with my beginner, and it is great. She giggled when I unfolded the big long strip of music alphabets! Thank you for your creativity.

  3. Hi Jen, for some reason, I’m not sure I understand how to play the game:
    Does student draw a card, answer it (the piano keys or the stone letter) correctly, and then, they can move ahead 1 letter at a time? Is this a 2 person game (teacher and student)? How many students at a time can play this game?

    • Hi Alice,

      Here’s how we play:

      Students all start by placing game pieces at the beginning of the gameboard. They take turns drawing cards, then move their game piece ahead on the board to the letter that answers the card. (i.e. if they drew a picture of a “D” on the keyboard, they would move forward to the next D on the board.)

      The first student to get to the end of the board and draw a card that moves him beyond the letters to the end rock wins (i.e., a student that has their game piece on the last “E” before they draw and draws a card with a picture of a D would move to the end, since there are no Ds left on the board.)

      I’ve played this in private lessons with students, and also in a group of 4-5 kids. It works either way – it just takes longer to play with a bigger group!

      Hope that helps!

      Jen Fink

  4. Thank you SO much for this wonderful resource! I currently teach Music ages 3K – 5th grade and this game is PERFECT for my “in the middle” grades whom I often have a hard time finding the “right” game for the level they are at. Thank you!!! 🙂

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  6. You. Are. Awesome!
    I love all your resources! You are so generous to share them for free! I appreciate all your hard work. I bet your piano studio is amazing! I would totally bring my children there for lessons if we lived close to you! Thanks, again!

  7. Hi Jen, First of all thanx for sharing such great and fun learning material, I appreciate it very much! I’m not sure how to use ‘alphabet trail’ cards. I hope to hear from you. Thanx again!

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