A Must-Read Article for Every Piano Parent

Last week, NPR’s Deceptive Cadence blog ran a wonderful series of articles aimed at parents of music students.  If you don’t follow the blog, you’ll want to go check our their “Young Person’s Guide to Making Music” – it’s well worth a read for all of us teachers as well.   My favorite bit of wisdom from the week?  A post by host Anastasia Tsioulcas, … Continue reading

KMTA Conference Follow-Up

Thanks to all of you who attended this year’s KMTA Conference!  It was a pleasure to share some new games and “hands-on” musicianship resources with you.  I hope you discovered some new things to try with your students this summer and fall. Click on the link below to open an electronic version of your session handout that includes clickable links to each of the games … Continue reading

Alphabet Trail

Do you have new beginners in your studio this summer?  This colorful new game is just for them! I like to give my beginning students numerous opportunities to work with the music alphabet and ascending/descending patterns before they are introduced to music on the staff.   Diligent pre-staff preparation (especially on those pesky descending patterns) really pays off in the long-run. This game includes cards to drill … Continue reading

Build-A-Measure Rhythm Game

Here’s an update of an old favorite!   This Build-A-Measure Rhythm Game isn’t original to me – I picked up this idea years ago and have used it with my students at many, many group lessons. It’s a fun, simple way for students to drill rhythm values, and practice counting and clapping rhythms. Here’s how it’s played: To start, each student will need a time … Continue reading