Christmas Resource Round-Up

Are you looking for some fun Christmas-themed games and activities to use in lessons and group classes this month?  Or something new and different to keep your student engaged and motivated through these last few weeks of the semester?  

Over the last couple of years, I’ve posted a number of Christmas games, worksheets and resources.  You have to do a bit of hunting through this site to find all of them, so I thought I’d put together a quick reference post to make them a bit more accessible.  Here’s the Pianimation Christmas List!

Christmas Games

Christmas Carol Rhythm Match-Ups (3 levels)
Trim the Tree (a note name game with 3 levels)

Group Activities  
(don’t let the title fool you… I’ve used these activities in groups, but they’ll work just as well in private lessons, too!)

Jingle Bell Melodic Pattern Signs (a beginning melodic dictation activity)
Find My Mistake: Christmas Carol Edition

 Theory Worksheets

Christmas Carol Harmonizations
Christmas Carol Analysis Worksheets (NEW!)
Snowman Triads
Christmas Carol Rhythm Dictation Sheets

Composition & Improvisation

Christmas Composition Starters (courtesy of a kind reader who shared her file!)
The Winter Blues


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