Another Benefit of Music Study

Many a study done in recent years has shown that music, (and specifically learning to play music) makes us smarter.   A new study I ran across this weekend adds an interesting new twist to what we already know about the benefits of music study: childhood music study may have lifelong impact – even into our old age.

This article about a study done by the University of Kansas Medical Center shares findings that senior adults who took music lessons as children performed better on memory and brain function tests than their peers who hadn’t studied an instrument.    Even participants who hadn’t continued to play an instrument as an adult reaped benefits from childhood lessons (great news to share with all of those studio parents who tell you “I wish I hadn’t quit piano!”).    Findings did suggest that the cognitive benefits were greater for those who had started lessons at a young age and continued for a significant period of years.  

Here’s to one more entry on the long list of reasons to study music!!




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