Listening Challenge Worksheets

One of the “New School Year” resolutions I set for myself this fall was to devote more time in lessons to listening.   A couple of workshops I attended last spring and summer challenged me to think about how often my students are exposed to really excellent, highly musical performances.    The short answer…. not enough!! In group lessons this week, I introduced these new … Continue reading

My Music Feels….

Does anyone remember the old “How Are You Feeling Today” posters that used to hang on the wall in clinic waiting rooms and school counselor’s offices?   We’ve been having some fun in my studio this fall with a couple of similar graphic aids, designed to help students experiment with creative expression at the piano.   Students fill in the blank smiley faces in this … Continue reading

Tonic Tutor: Online Theory Games

  Do your students enjoy playing online theory games??  If so, you’ll want to check out this exciting new resource: Tonic Tutor is an online theory resource full of games to help students drill interval recognition, melody playback, scales, chords, note reading and more.    I have to admit, I hadn’t run across this fun new site until co-creator Christine Donkin contacted me last week, … Continue reading

Another Benefit of Music Study

Many a study done in recent years has shown that music, (and specifically learning to play music) makes us smarter.   A new study I ran across this weekend adds an interesting new twist to what we already know about the benefits of music study: childhood music study may have lifelong impact – even into our old age. This article about a study done by … Continue reading

New Floor Staff Games

Just in time for fall lessons… here are a couple of new games to play with a floor staff to drill note and interval recognition (these are way more fun than flashcards!).  If you don’t have a floor staff, check out this post and this post for some inexpensive ideas for making one.   Grand Staff TWISTER What kid doesn’t love Twister?    This musical version … Continue reading