Spring Cleaning

One of the things I love about being a music teacher is the cycle that comes with the school year.   My students and I celebrated the end of another successful (and busy!) school year with our studio recitals earlier this month, then all enjoyed a well-earned week off of lessons.   I have to admit… I was ready for some time to relax and … Continue reading

Giant Playable Floor Keyboard

Does anyone else remember watching this scene from the movie “Big” and wishing for a piano like this??? I’ve always thought that it would be REALLY fun to have something like that in my studio, so was very excited to run across this smaller 6′ version in a catalog earlier this year: I ordered one immediately!  This is called a “Big Keyboard Fun” mat, and … Continue reading

Syncopated Clock Listening Activity

Our spring studio recital is quickly approaching!   We’re in the final stretch of repertoire preparation, and it’s time to put on all of the finishing touches – the musical details that make our pieces convey emotion, or tell a story to the audience. Last week at group lessons, I used this new listening activity to tune my elementary students ears into musical details before they … Continue reading

Impress vs. Express

I spent last Saturday accompanying some wonderful student soloists at our state high school Solo & Ensemble Festival, hosted by the music department of Emporia State University.  On a trip upstairs to the practice rooms, I ran across a hand-written sign tacked on a bulletin board at the end of the hall.   I LOVED this sentiment, and thought it was particularly appropriate to share … Continue reading