The Really, Really Long Music Game

Already a little scared by the title of this post?   I’ve used this new game at group lessons for the last 2 months, and hadn’t really settled on a name for it until a student pointed out this month that the gameboard was “really, really, really long!”  Don’t let the title intimidate you – this is a super-versatile game that can pack a LOT … Continue reading

Notes & Stems Worksheet

Earlier this spring, I posted a Simple Stems game that I used in group lessons to help students learn and drill correct stem placement.  I was happy to hear from several of you who used it that my students weren’t the only ones who sometimes need reinforcement on those pesky stems! As a follow-up to that activity, I created this new worksheet to use with … Continue reading

Thought for the Day… on Student Performances

As I write this, I’m recovering from a long weekend spent at our local association’s annual Solo Festival event.    Tonight, as I will in the days to come this week, I had the joy of celebrating with my students – presenting them with the medals and ribbons they had earned, reading comments from their adjudicators (the judge really did notice that crescendo in measure … Continue reading

Thought for the Day

For a number of years, I’ve kept a page-a-day calendar from one of my favorite artists on top of my digital piano.   Most of the quotes and art are witty and lighthearted – a nice start to the teaching day as I prep the studio for students to arrive.  Every now and then, though, there’s something a bit more thought-provoking.  This quote from last … Continue reading