New Aural Skills Resource: Ear Training Pro

If you haven’t already discovered this… there’s a great new ear training resource site on the web!   Anthony from recently contacted me and invited me to try out the newly-launched site, and I’m pleased to say, I found it to be a notch above the other online ear training sites I’ve used in the past.

Ear Training Pro includes exercises to work on all of the skills you would expect from an online ear training site:  interval, scale and chord recognition, melodic dictation and transcription, and even some perfect and relative pitch drills.   Each drill requires the user to respond to 10 aural “questions” by clicking a key on a keyboard or selecting a multiple choice answer.    Upon completion of the drill, users see their results, and can click to re-play any examples they might have missed.

One of the things that I appreciated most about this site is its pedagogical approach to the exercises.  In perusing the drills, I found several little “details” that helped to emphasize theory concepts.   For example, when students first start to identify basic diatonic intervals, they see the intervals displayed as “Major” or “Perfect” (rather than just a generic number).   By the time they’re ready to progress to the chromatic interval drill, they’re already familiar with the quality labels.

There are a number of drills for each category, allowing students to start with very basic exercises and gradually advance.  Unlike some other sites, you aren’t able to adjust options for each drill, but in my opinion, that’s a plus!   It can be a little overwhelming to try to keep up with setting up drills for a whole studio of students on a weekly basis, so having pre-set, incremental drills makes it easy.

I was also impressed to find a good number of exercises on the site geared toward contemporary (jazz and pop) ear training and theory.  In addition to the traditional “basics”, students can practice identifying and even transcribing 7th, 9th and suspended chords.  It’s no secret that students love to play popular styles, so it’s nice to see an ear training resource that includes them!

The site just introduced a studio subscription option.  As a teacher, the studio plan now allows you to create separate log-ins for each of your students, then track their individual scores and completed assignments.   Students can log on from a studio computer lab, or from home; all you have to do is assign drills for them to complete.   There are two levels of studio subscriptions (for up to 20 and up to 40 students), as well as options for larger schools and for individuals.

Now for the exciting news…. Anthony at EarTrainingPro has offered to give-away a FREE account to one lucky reader!   Leave a comment below to be entered into the drawing.   Be sure to enter by midnight (CST) on Thursday, March 24th and stay tuned to find out the winner on the 25th!



New Aural Skills Resource: Ear Training Pro — 16 Comments

  1. This site looks like it could be great revision for the AMEB Aural Tests we have here. We now have our First and Second grade theory tests as an online option, so it’s great to be able to have students using the computer for these sorts of exercises – it builds their skills in so many ways.

  2. Really looking forward to perusing the site! Sounds as though it has many positive improvements to what I have experienced. Thank you for the opportunity for the free subscription!

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