New Rhythm Game Cards

Here’s one more game from my February group classes.  I posted this rhythm game last fall, but added 2 new sheets of playing cards to it this month.  I have a number of students who are starting to play in simple compound meters and wanted a fun way to review those rhythms at group lessons (and what better way to get students to reinforce something over and over and over again than a game?).

The object of this game is to identify the one missing note that would complete the measure shown on the game cards.  The new game cards include a variety of simple compound rhythms (3/8, 6/8 and 9/8 meters):

For detailed directions on how to play the game, click here to see the original post.

To download the game file, click here to go to my studio website, then scroll down the page to “Something’s Missing.”   (The compound rhythm cards are now included in the game file, so if you’ve previously downloaded the file, you’ll want to replace it with this new one.)


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