Flower Pot Note Toss

Get out your scissors…. This new game definitely falls into the “some-assembly-required (but your students will love you for it)” category. It’s almost springtime here in Kansas, and I’ve been in the mood for some new, fun spring-themed activities for the studio.   One of my students’ favorite ways to drill note-reading is a game I picked up from a workshop a couple of years … Continue reading

And the winner is…

#14 – Lori Hamrick Congratulations, Lori!  You’ve won a free subscription to EarTrainingPro.com.  You’ll be hearing from them soon with more details and login information. For the rest of you… if you haven’t checked out the site, it’s definitely worth a look!  Read more about this new resource here. … Continue reading

New Aural Skills Resource: Ear Training Pro

If you haven’t already discovered this… there’s a great new ear training resource site on the web!   Anthony from EarTrainingPro.com recently contacted me and invited me to try out the newly-launched site, and I’m pleased to say, I found it to be a notch above the other online ear training sites I’ve used in the past. Ear Training Pro includes exercises to work on all of … Continue reading

New Rhythm Game Cards

Here’s one more game from my February group classes.  I posted this rhythm game last fall, but added 2 new sheets of playing cards to it this month.  I have a number of students who are starting to play in simple compound meters and wanted a fun way to review those rhythms at group lessons (and what better way to get students to reinforce something over … Continue reading

Sale on the COLOR BOOK Series

Dror Perl, composer of the COLOR BOOK SERIES, just let me know about a sale going on this week over at sheerpiano.com. For the next week, purchase any combination of 2 or 3 of the books, and receive a 50% discount.  (Read my review of this fun series here). The sale price is valid until Thursday, March 10th. To take advantage of the sale, you’ll … Continue reading

Crazy Keys – A Whole & Half Step Game

Whole steps and half steps… is it possible to drill those concepts TOO much with elementary students???   We write and identify them each week in lessons as we work through our technique patterns and warm-ups, we play games with them in group lessons, we identify them in our repertoire pieces… and yet I still fear that under the pressure of a theory exam, some … Continue reading