Stem Placement Game

It’s group week again in our studio!  Many of my students will be taking theory exams later this spring, so we’ve been doing LOTS of theory review this month in preparation.   One of the skills my elementary students are required to demonstrate on their exams is proper stem placement.  We usually don’t spend much time covering that particular objective (other than an explanation and … Continue reading

Duet Favorites

Another year… another success!  We wrapped up our local association’s Multi-Piano concerts this past weekend, and I promised last week I’d share some of my favorite repertoire from this year and past years.  I actually decided to just put together a list by level of some of my all-time duet favorites.  Most of these were originally programmed on Multi-Piano concerts; over time I’ve built up … Continue reading

KCMTA presents Musikopoly

For any of you who happen to live in the Kansas City/Lawrence/Topeka areas, you’ll want to take note of a wonderful concert experience happening this Sunday!  Details about the Kansas City Music Teachers annual Multi-Piano concert are below. For those of you who aren’t in the KC area… stay tuned!  I know it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog as of late.   … Continue reading