Christmas Carol Rhythm Match-ups

I know we’re getting well into December, but thought I’d post one last Christmas-themed activity for anyone who might able to use it yet this year.    I used this Christmas carol rhythm match activity in group lessons earlier this month:

These are similar to the 12 Days of Halloween rhythm cards I posted last year, but use the words and rhythms from familiar Christmas songs and carols.   Given a set of lyrics, students must find the matching rhythm card.

These cards can be used in several ways.   I used this activity with all of my groups, but tweaked it a bit depending on the age and ability levels of the students I was working with.  Here are some ideas to try:

  • Teacher speaks words and claps rhythm, students point out matching card and echo back, then place lyrics on rhythm card (good for beginners)
  • Students match cards as a silent activity, then check match-ups by performing rhythms and lyrics as a group
  • Teacher claps rhythm (no words), students identify the matching lyrics and clap back with words
  • Teacher claps rhythm and speaks words, students echo back by clapping and count-singing
  • Distribute cards and ask students to write the counting of the rhythm below the pictured notes (works best with laminated cards, can do this before or after a group clap-back activity)
  • Use the cards to play “Don’t Clap This One“, using any clap-back/sing-back combination from above

I created 3 separate levels of cards.  Level 1 uses only quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes.  Level 2 adds paired eighths and Level 3 adds dotted quarters and single eighth notes.  All 3 levels are available in a single file on the group activities page


Christmas Rhythm Matchup
Christmas Rhythm Matchup
Christmas Rhythm Matchup.pdf
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Christmas Carol Rhythm Match-ups — 5 Comments

  1. I was excited to see this yesterday. I had used the 12 Days of Halloween in my October classes and they were a hit. Last night my group was thrilled that I had found a Christmas version as well. Thanks!

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  4. i think you may be a genius. I am at a new school and was looking for a fun way to asses my older students without them shutting down. Thank you!

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