Trim the Tree Game

It’s time for Christmas games!  This week is the last group week of the semester in my studio, and we’ve been doing all of our theory with a holiday twist.  Here’s the first of several games and activities I created for this month’s group.

Trim the Tree is a simple game to drill note identification.  Students get a stack of ornaments with pictured notes, then must identify the letter name and place it on an appropriate blank on the tree:

This can be used for either a group or private lesson.  In groups, I gave one tree and set of ornaments to every 2-3 students.  They divided the ornaments equally, then raced to see who could get theirs on the tree the fastest.

I made 3 different levels of ornament sets, so that I could use this with a number of my students this month.  Level 1 requires students to identify notes on the staff from 4th line Bass F to 2nd line Treble G, plus notes on pictured keyboards.  Level 2 uses notes on the staff from 2nd space Bass C to 3rd space Treble C.  Level 3 uses all of the notes on the grand staff.   All of the levels use the same tree board.

The file is available for download on my studio site (scroll down and look for “Trim the Tree”).  The file is done in black and white, so you’ll want several colors of paper to print the tree, star and ornaments.  I cut and laminated my tree board, then taped it together on the back with clear shipping tape.   I wanted each level of ornaments to include several colors, so you’ll see the ornament pages laid out accordingly.  If you use 3 different colors of paper to print the ornament pages, you’ll get a nice variety for each level.  The last 3 pages of the file are the same set of ornaments, but printed without the circles.  If you happen to own a 1 1/2″ round paper punch (for crafting or scrapbooking), you can cut the circles quickly!

Trim the Tree
Trim the Tree
Trim the Tree.pdf
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