New Over the Edge Interval Cards

A reader wrote to me a couple of weeks ago and suggested that the Over the Edge gameboard I recently posted could be used to drill interval recognition in addition to note and rest values.   She was right!  I re-worked a file of interval playing cards and added the “Over the Edge” backs to match the original cards:

So… if you’ve already printed a gameboard, here’s a way to get a little more use out of it!  I’m looking forward to using both decks of cards mixed together to review for annual theory exams later this year.

The new cards are available in a separate file on the games page of my website.   The gameboards and note value cards are bundled into a single file that appear right above.

Many thanks to Bethany for the idea!!!

Over the Edge Interval Cards
Over the Edge Interval Cards
Over the Edge Interval Cards.pdf
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  1. Jann just sent me an email with a fun variation on this game. Here is her explanation:

    “To make the game last a little longer (and make it a little more exciting) we use the rests as “take aways” (and if they don’t have any on the board, well then, you can’t take away what you don’t have! so we just miss a turn)… And you could add in a few of the rest cards to the interval cards as take aways!”

    What a great way to vary the length of the game!!

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