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In doing some web surfing over the weekend, I ran across a couple of fantastic new (or more accurately “new-to-me”) music resource websites: has a number of fun games and theory resources for beginning piano and string students.  I especially like Dianna’s Treble Clef Lines and Spaces poster, and the “Don’t Clap this One Back Game”  (it’s now on my list of things to try in group lessons this fall!).  She also has a whole section of seminar notes that I’m looking forward to reading through in detail.

And… in checking out some of the links on her page, I also discovered this cool site:

These Blitz Books theory and musicianship books look really cool!  And better yet, there’s a HUGE page of free downloadable theory sheets. I spent a good portion of last Saturday morning reading through and printing sheets.  I loved that many of these sheets cover “hard-to-find” topics – transposition, melody writing, modulations, etc.

One note to my American colleagues:  when you go to print files from the site, be sure to find the printer setting that says “Page Scaling” and set it to “Fit to Printable Area” so your computer will automatically re-size the file for American paper (otherwise it will print too big!).


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