Over the Edge!

This past summer brought a whole group of new beginning students to my studio. It’s been a while since my schedule has been heavy on the beginner side, and it’s been a refreshing change!  It has made me realize, however, that I’m a little tired of some of the games that have been in my closet for a while.  Even though they are new to my students, they’re certainly not new to me anymore!

Last week I had planned to review note and rest values with my newer students, just to see what stuck in their brains over our August break!  After a little brainstorming, this new game was born:

It’s played like a game of Blackjack (or Twenty-One).  Students draw a card, identify how many beats the pictured note or rest lasts, then add that many gemstone markers to their gameboard (small bingo chips, tokens or coins would also work).   The object of the game is to get as close to the waterfall as possible without drawing a card that will send the player “over the edge!”   When their board is nearly full, players may choose to draw or pass when it is their turn.

I played this game one-on-one with most students, but it was even more fun when we could enlist a sibling or another student waiting for a lesson and play as a group.   I’ll definitely be pulling this out again for group lessons when it’s time to review for spring theory exams!

The gameboards, instructions and playing cards are available as a single file on my website (scroll down to the “Over the Edge” link).

Over the Edge
Over the Edge
Over the Edge.pdf
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  1. Another fab game. Have just played this with one of my newbies and we had a great time. We did it with chocolate drops as I didn’t have time to collect enough counters or make any and the winner got to eat theirs!

  2. Hey Jen,

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been playing Over the Edge with my students the last couple weeks and it is a hit! I love it because it’s such a quick game that can easily be done during the lesson. It’s definitely a winner!!!

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  4. This is a favorite in my studio…a variation I suggested to you a while back (I thought it was posted here) is to use the rests as “take aways” (take away 2 gems for a half rest etc – it adds a little twist!). I’ve also started incorporating your Over the Edge interval flash cards (and keeping the take aways!). Jann

  5. Just wanted you to know… this has become THE favorite game in my studio. The kids LOVE it. I popped by today because I wanted to print the interval cards to go with it. I may need to print another set of the others, too, though, since mine are getting so worn! Thank you, thank you!

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