Halloween Composing Ideas

This week is the first group week of the new school year in my studio!  I’m really excited to be starting group lessons again – they’re always my favorite part of each month.   I’ve been busy working on some new activities, which means I’ll have LOTS of new things to post over the next week or two (to make up for all the posting … Continue reading

New Resource Sites

In doing some web surfing over the weekend, I ran across a couple of fantastic new (or more accurately “new-to-me”) music resource websites: DenleyMusic.com has a number of fun games and theory resources for beginning piano and string students.  I especially like Dianna’s Treble Clef Lines and Spaces poster, and the “Don’t Clap this One Back Game”  (it’s now on my list of things to … Continue reading

The Holidays Are Coming…

… and this year, I have vowed that I WILL stay on top of sorting through, ordering, organizing, and getting music to my students in a timely manner, so that when the Halloween and Christmas recitals roll around, I won’t be asking myself why we didn’t start our music just a little bit sooner. Each Halloween, one of the local associations I belong to sponsors … Continue reading

Over the Edge!

This past summer brought a whole group of new beginning students to my studio. It’s been a while since my schedule has been heavy on the beginner side, and it’s been a refreshing change!  It has made me realize, however, that I’m a little tired of some of the games that have been in my closet for a while.  Even though they are new to … Continue reading