New Smile-O-Meter Cards

Last spring, I made up some simple “Smile-O-Meter” evaluation cards to help my elementary students learn to critique themselves and each other after performances at group lessons.  They had a great time filling in smiley faces, and the cards have since become a staple at group lessons.   I use them frequently in private lessons, too.  When I want a student to self-assess their progress … Continue reading

Great New Visual Helper

I stumbled onto a WONDERFUL new teaching aid this week… by accident!   I made a quick trip to our local teacher supply store last week, and in the process of looking for something else, ran across these neat colored reading guides: I work with a number of students who struggle with reading, and thought this could be a helpful tool to keep their eyes … Continue reading

Composer History and Listening Activities

I’m back from a couple of weeks of vacation, and tackling some last-minute lesson prep before I start teaching again next week.    I received a number of emails while I was gone with questions about what I’m using for the Listening Challenge and Meet the Composer Challenges that are a part of our studio practice incentive program this year, so thought I’d share a … Continue reading