Interval Word Race Game

Here’s another game I used in group lessons last week.   Each of these cards spells out a word using intervals.  Students are given a starting note, then record each “stopping place” as they follow the directions:

For example, in the card above they would start on “C”, then find the letters A-G-E-D by mapping intervals to arrive at the word “CAGED.”   It’s helpful to provide students with a keyboard diagram and personal-sized whiteboard or scratch paper to assist them when they first try this game.

I use several different variations of the game with students.    If we’re feeling competitive, I’ll divide a group into two teams, then show a card and let them race to find the answer.  The first team to answer correctly gets to keep the card.   The team with the most cards at the end wins.

If I’m working with a group of students with varying ability levels, I have teams alternate turns instead of racing to find each answer.  If a team mis-identifies a card, the other team gets a chance to “steal”, then gets their own turn.

The game cards include 4 optional “WILD” cards that can be used to add an element of chance to a competitive game. Depending on the setup of the game, the WILDs might require players to swap their stacks of earned cards, give them bonus points, let take 2 turns in a row, miss a turn, earn a “do-over” for a wrong answer later in the game, etc. etc.

I’ve also used these cards with individual students, either as a station in a group lesson or a quick break from the piano in a private lesson.   I purposefully did NOT put answers on the back of the cards so students could work on the activity by themselves without the temptation to peek.

The set contains 24 cards and can be downloaded from my website.   The file is set up to print double-sided with card fronts on odd pages and back on even pages.   The last page contains an answer key.

Interval Word Race Cards
Interval Word Race Cards
Interval Word Game Cards.pdf
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  1. Love this one – exactly what I’ve been needing but never would have had the creativity to come up with it!!

    Thank you for sharing your work!

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