Gemstone Triad Cards

Oops… between taking a week off for spring break, then returning to busily prepare for a couple of upcoming events, I’ve been a neglectful blogger as of late! One of those upcoming events is a festival that requires students to complete a written theory exam in addition to their performance.  I LOVE to have students participate in this event in the spring, because it really … Continue reading

Hand Position Drill

It’s the week before spring break here, and I noticed right from the start of the week that many of my students already have vacation on the brain.    (Not that I blame them – I do too!!)    It’s weeks like this that I find myself scratching my head and wondering what has happened to my studio.  Before Christmas I could have sworn that … Continue reading

Major/Minor Scale Identification

As I’ve been prepping students for theory exams this spring, one of my goals as a teacher has been to find a “hands-on” way to work on each concept.  This week many of my students were working on identifying and building major and minor scales, so I created a set of manipulative cards to help us: First, I asked students to lay out the scale … Continue reading