Boomwhacker Sightreading Cards

I’m VERY excited about a fun new toy I picked up for my studio last week.   I love using my set of Boomwhackers in lessons.   We pull them out frequently to make note flashcards more fun, or to “whack” out rhythms.   And with this latest addition, now we can use them to spice up our sightreading!

With the XyloTote Tube Holder and a set of mallets, now it’s easy for a single player to play a whole song on the Boomwhackers.   (Without it, it’s quite a task for a single student to pick up and set down tubes quickly enough to play a song without leaving big gaps between notes.)

For a fun, new twist on sightreading drills this week, I created some giant-print cards.  Each has four measures of a familiar melody, and uses only notes of the diatonic C scale (to match the Boomwhackers).    I printed them and put them in sleeves in a 3-ring binder, which I could prop up easily in front of the Boomwhackers.

My students LOVED doing their sightreading this way!    I made both a treble and bass clef version of each melody, and found that this was just the trick to get some reluctant bass clef readers motivated to identify notes.

I will most certainly be making up more of these soon, but the first set of cards is available on my studio site.

Giant Sightreading Cards, Set 1
Giant Sightreading Cards, Set 1
Giant Sightreading Cards.pdf
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