Whole & Half Step Game

We’ve been on a heavy theory kick in my studio this month.  I have several students who will be participating in theory testing as part of a festival in April, so ALL of my students have been getting the benefit of a little extra lesson planning on my part.  As a part of that, I’ve been working on a couple of new games.  Here’s the first:

Whole Step - Half Step - Sprint

I really like games where students can have their own gameboard.  It just saves on knocked-over playing pieces and potential fights!   I also find that when I use games in private lessons, there are time I’d like a shorter game board for use with just two players.  I designed the game boards above to be cut apart.  Each student can play with a single card, or line up multiple cards for a longer game.

Students must draw cards from a deck and correctly identify a whole or half step, then move the length of a whole or half shoe print accordingly.  The deck includes steps pictured on both a keyboard and on the staff (using notes spanning from Bass C through Treble C):

Sample Playing Cards

I also included two types of bonus cards.  Turbo Term cards let players sprint ahead by correctly identifying an elementary music symbol.   Bummer cards send them backwards by a designated number of whole or half steps – just to keep things interesting!

Bonus Cards

The first player to reach the end of the trail of shoe prints wins!

This game (including a complete set of printable instructions) is available for download on my studio site.

Whole Step - Half Step - Sprint!
Whole Step - Half Step - Sprint!
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