Snowman Triad Worksheets

I took advantage of a super cold weekend to spend a little time hunkered down working on group lesson plans for the next couple of months.  Here’s the first of several new worksheets/games I’m planning to use at the end of the month (I must have had snow on the brain!):

This sheet drills the construction of major triads. Given a root, students must supply the missing 3rd or 5th into the appropriate “blank” on the snowman.   There’s also a minor version:

The minor worksheet graphics show the middle section of the snowman “melting” to the ground to help students remember the concept of the lowered 3rd.   Like the major triad worksheet, this asks students to fill in a missing 3rd or 5th.

Both worksheets are available for download on my studio website.

Snowman Triads - Minor Triads
Snowman Triads - Minor Triads
Snowmen Triads-Minor.pdf
169.7 KiB
Snowman Triads - Major Triads
Snowman Triads - Major Triads
Snowmen Triads-Major.pdf
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