Major & Minor Dash & B-I-N-G-O

Since many of my elementary students are working on Halloween sheet music for a recital this weekend, we’ve been talking quite a bit about the difference betwen major and minor this month. For this week’s group lessons, I printed 2 signs with a picture of a house on each.  One was a haunted house (I simply printed a copy of this coloring page on orange paper), … Continue reading

12 Days of Halloween: Rhythm & Composing Activity

It’s group week in my studio this week, which meant it was a perfect week to work on some Halloween-themed activities.   I always use group lessons as an opportunity for students to perform for each other, then spend extensive time on rhythm, listening and theory for the rest of the hour.  Here’s what we’re doing this week: I found some fantastic re-written lyrics to the … Continue reading

Welcome to Jen’s Piano Studio!

One of the highlights of teaching piano for me is the opportunity to share ideas with some wonderfully creative colleagues.   I’ve been blessed to “steal” some great teaching ideas from local colleagues, and in recent years have found a number of fantastic web resources as well.   This site is designed to be a forum where I can share resources I’ve developed in hopes that other … Continue reading