3-in-a-Row Matching Game

Sometimes the best ideas come from students!  This new twist on a couple of old games was born last week during an elementary student’s lesson.  We were ready to take a mid-lesson break from the piano and I had materials for Boomwhacker flashcards handy (see previous post).   My student had other ideas!  She ran over to a bowl of alphabet cards I had on a … Continue reading

44 Days (and counting) to Christmas!

We must be nearing that time of the year again.  I recently had a conversation with a couple of other teachers that started with a question that seems to be (in music teacher circles) as seasonal as pumpkin pie. “So… what are each of you getting your students for Christmas this year?” Some ideas were tossed out, and with each one we all proceded to do … Continue reading

Boomwhacker Flashcards

One of my favorite mid-lesson monotony breakers is the bucket of boomwhackers I keep in my studio.   Whoever invented those things was truly genius!  They’re a fantastic way to work off some energy or “beat” out a little piano-induced frustration.   They’re also a great way to make flash card drills a LOT more fun for students. A while ago, I created some jumbo-sized flashcards to … Continue reading