Mancala & Egg Carton Rhythms

What can you do with a mancala board, an empty egg carton and a handful of colored gemstones? Teach eighth notes (of course)!  Reader Rebecca Martin recently shared this wonderful hands-on idea with me… and it was too good not to pass on to all of you. 🙂   To introduce the concept of eighth notes, she guides students through an activity where they place … Continue reading

(New!) Measure Cards

Want a fun new way to teach your beginning students the concepts of time signatures, measures, AND counting by measures (all at once)?  Check out this new printable card set! When I teach time signatures to young students, we use the analogy of a house… a funny house with rooms that are ALL the same size.  We lay out evenly-spaced popsicle sticks to represent the … Continue reading

PractizPal Giveaway Winner

The winner of our PractizPal Metronome giveaway is (drumroll, please)………… Comment #45: Melissa B.   Congratulations, Melissa!   I hope you and your students enjoy trying out this wonderful tool!   If you didn’t win, check out for a list of retailers where you and your students can pick up your own PractizPal.  (Note: Giveaway winner determined by random number generator at   … Continue reading