Special Offer on the Color Series Books!

This just in!  I’m happy to pass along an exciting special offer from composer Dror Perl, creator of the Color Series (read a detailed review of the books here).   For one week, combinations purchases of 2 or 3 books are eligible for a 50% discount!   Visit www.sheerpiano.com and click on the “Sign In” button on the bottom left corner of the page, then … Continue reading

Exploring Music through Multiple Senses – This Tuesday!

I’m pleased to have the opportunity to invite my Kansas City area colleagues to join me at a workshop this coming Tuesday morning (November 16th), hosted by the Kansas City Federated Music Teachers.  The session is scheduled to begin at 9:30 at Schmitt Music (119th & Metcalf in the Rosana Square shopping center).  I’ll be sharing ideas on how to incorporate multi-sensory teaching and learning … Continue reading

Hands On Rhythms

I’m very excited to share that the 2nd Edition of my Hands On Rhythms curriculum is now available on my website!  Hands On Rhythms is a multi-sensory approach to teaching rhythm that I use with all of my elementary students.  The book contains 24 lessons that cover all of the basic the rhythm patterns and concepts students encounter in the first years of piano study. … Continue reading

Scale Step Worksheet Fixed

Just a quick note before teaching this afternoon… Any of you who tried to download the Major-Minor Scale Step Worksheet on my website designed to go with the Major/Minor Scale Identification activity likely came across an error with the file when you tried to download.  Thanks to those of you who took time to email and let me know!  I’ve got the glitch fixed – … Continue reading

Free Sacred Piano Solos

I was in need of a little creative retreat this weekend after a LOT of hours of office time this week, so spent an afternoon at the piano re-working a handful of sacred hymn arrangements.   The new files are posted in the free sheet music section on my website. All of the arrangements are written at an early advanced level. Preview recordings of the … Continue reading

Lesson Planner Sheet

These planner sheets have been available as a free download on my website for quite a while, but since it’s the beginning of a year, I thought I’d re-highlight them.  In my last post, I mentioned that I find the beginning of each new semester to be the time that I’m most organized and teach the most “balanced” curriculum.  That means that this is the time … Continue reading

Welcome to Jen’s Piano Studio!

One of the highlights of teaching piano for me is the opportunity to share ideas with some wonderfully creative colleagues.   I’ve been blessed to “steal” some great teaching ideas from local colleagues, and in recent years have found a number of fantastic web resources as well.   This site is designed to be a forum where I can share resources I’ve developed in hopes that other … Continue reading