Trim the Tree Game

It’s time for Christmas games!  This week is the last group week of the semester in my studio, and we’ve been doing all of our theory with a holiday twist.  Here’s the first of several games and activities I created for this month’s group. Trim the Tree is a simple game to drill note identification.  Students get a stack of ornaments with pictured notes, then … Continue reading

Something’s Missing Rhythm Game

Many thanks to all of you who came out to the KC Federated Teacher’s workshop on Tuesday!  I hope you enjoy perusing some of the hands-on learning resources on this site (as well as others) as you look for creative ways to engage your students!  For those of you a little too far away to join us at the workshop, I’ll be sharing a series … Continue reading

Lonely Note Enharmonics Game

One of my goals over the last couple of years has been to find a game to drill each of the objectives of my elementary and early intermediate theory curriculum.   I’m nearly there, but discovered while planning for group lessons this month that I didn’t have anything very exciting to drill recognition of enharmonic notes.  I already had a couple of writing activities planned, … Continue reading

Great site for Halloween Resources

As I was working on putting together lesson plans over the weekend, I ran across this fantastic site that has a TON of Halloween-themed songs, games and activities: In addition to Halloween, there are several resources for upcoming months:  colored leaves cards I’m planning to use next month, and also some Christmas activities. There are also a number of “anytime” games to play with your … Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch Steps & Skips

Here’s another simple elementary theory game for Halloween week.   My elementary groups are reviewing steps and skips this month, and I came up with the idea to turn my entire studio floor into a gameboard… with a holiday twist. I picked up a package of black paper plates from the party aisle at my local store, and taped a pumpkin graphic on each one … Continue reading

New Over the Edge Interval Cards

A reader wrote to me a couple of weeks ago and suggested that the Over the Edge gameboard I recently posted could be used to drill interval recognition in addition to note and rest values.   She was right!  I re-worked a file of interval playing cards and added the “Over the Edge” backs to match the original cards: So… if you’ve already printed a … Continue reading

New Resource Sites

In doing some web surfing over the weekend, I ran across a couple of fantastic new (or more accurately “new-to-me”) music resource websites: has a number of fun games and theory resources for beginning piano and string students.  I especially like Dianna’s Treble Clef Lines and Spaces poster, and the “Don’t Clap this One Back Game”  (it’s now on my list of things to … Continue reading

Over the Edge!

This past summer brought a whole group of new beginning students to my studio. It’s been a while since my schedule has been heavy on the beginner side, and it’s been a refreshing change!  It has made me realize, however, that I’m a little tired of some of the games that have been in my closet for a while.  Even though they are new to … Continue reading

Musical “Hunt the Thimble” Game

Louise, who wrote to me last week about the Musikopoly incentive, passed on an idea for a great listening game and gave me permission to share it here.   This is a musical version of the game “Hunt the Thimble” (I’ve also heard this children’s game called “Hot and Cold”).    Here is her description of how it is played: “I had my dad make … Continue reading