Mancala & Egg Carton Rhythms

What can you do with a mancala board, an empty egg carton and a handful of colored gemstones? Teach eighth notes (of course)! 

Egg Carton

Photo courtesy of greenchartreuse on Flickr

Reader Rebecca Martin recently shared this wonderful hands-on idea with me… and it was too good not to pass on to all of you. 🙂  

To introduce the concept of eighth notes, she guides students through an activity where they place colored gemstones in the wells of a mancala board or empty egg carton.   This looks like a fabulous way to practice counting, or even rhythmic dication, too.  

You can find detailed instructions on the activity Rebecca’s blog at    Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca!!


Mancala & Egg Carton Rhythms — 11 Comments

  1. Would really love to know about this egg carton game. It’s 9/24/13 and the site still doesn’t come up. Is there a different address now?

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