Review: PractizPal Metronome

Every summer I look forward to the opportunity to dig in and really get to know all of the new music, apps and resources that accumulate in my studio during the year. With all of the new technology and resources that are constantly becoming available, it’s an exciting time to be a music teacher!

This fun new addition to my shelf has been attracting a good deal of attention from my students (after all, it’s hard to miss a new bright blue “toy”!):


The PractizPal Metronome is, in fact, much more than a toy.  It’s an all-in-one practice tool for students that combines a high-powered digital metronome with a practice timer and journal.   

At lessons, you can customize the device with a student’s daily practice goal.   Once the student is home, a simple touch of a button activates the timer.  As they practice, the timer counts up toward their daily goal and also records their accumulated time into a weekly journal.  At their next lesson, the student’s daily practice is neatly displayed in a weekly bar graph format.  


With a price tag of $49.99 the PractizPal is a bit more of an investment for students than a $.99 metronome or practice journal app they can run on their phone or iPod.   So what makes it worth it?  Here’s what my students and I loved about this product:

  • It gets noticed.  Unlike an a tiny app icon that’s buried 6 screens into their iPod, the PractizPal’s bright, welcoming design will catch your student’s eye.  It’s designed to travel with students to and from lessons, so they’ll physically have it in hand on a regular basis.  If a tool gets noticed, it’s more likely to get remembered and used.   I sent the PractizPal home with a few of my students who chronically forget to write down their practice time (and some weeks, forget to practice, period).  I was pleased to find that every one of them returned to lessons the next week with at least a few days of practice recorded, and were eager to show it off to me:


  • The metronome quality is what you’d expect from a professional studio metronome, and not just a free (or nearly-free) app.  At lessons, my students could easily hear the metronome over the sound of my grand piano without earphones.   Another bonus? You’ll never have to worry about the metronome missing a beat or freezing up (one of my biggest pet peeves with app-based metronomes).   When students are given a tool that’s hard to use, it’s easy to find an excuse not to use it.   With this metronome, there are no excuses! 🙂 
  • The weekly practice chart offers students a visible, graphic display of their achievements.  For a visual learner, seeing their practice minutes displayed as a graphic is far more motivating than just a list of numbers or check marks on a piece of paper.   On the flip side, it’s also easy for students (and mom and dad) to see when there are too many “holes” in their practice.  
  • In my studio, the PractizPal drew positive reviews from almost all of my students – from my youngest elementary kiddos, up through my hard-to-impress middle school crowd.   For parents willing to make the investment, this tool should stick with their student through many years of lessons.  

Need more reasons to love the PractizPal?  It comes in a choice of 5 fun colors, so there’s a “cool” choice for even your pickiest practicer:


To appeal to the today’s kids, developers even had the foresight to create matching skins that can be purchased to customize the unit’s appearance (the first thing one of my 6th graders mentioned when I put it in her hand was “this needs skins!”).   Don’t you wish your first metronome looked like this??


A switch on the top prevents the unit from accidentally turning itself on when not in use (i.e. in a student’s bag on the way to lessons).  In an effort to encourage environmentally conscious practice, the company’s website also includes links to recommended re-chargeable 9-volt batteries that can be used in the PractizPal.  

Ready to check this great resource out for yourself?  You can find more information (including a list of retailers) on the PractizPal at, or on the company’s Facebook page.  

Now for the fun part… one lucky reader will have the opportunity to win a FREE PractizPal metronome!  To enter the giveaway, leave a comment below and tell us why you think your students would benefit from this fun tool.   Want an extra chance to win?  “Like” the PractizPal Facebook page and come back to leave a comment letting us know you’ve done so.   A winner will be chosen by random drawing on Friday, July 19th at 12 p.m. central time.  


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  1. If I had one of these, I would start loaning it out a week at a time, as a “practice buddy”! I think all of my students would enjoy working with it (instead of their regular metronome)… and it would be a great way to run a “practice minutes contest”.

  2. I’d love to win a PractizPal’s metronome! I think the practice chart is a fantastic idea for every student and I would definitely be incorporating it into my studio’s weekly practice chart incentive programs. 🙂

  3. I love the idea of metronome/timer combo! I’ve been thinking about getting one to try, but it seemed a bit pricey. Sounds like it may be worth the cost!

  4. I usually have students shoot for number of days at the piano rather than amount of time at the piano, but this could be useful for number of days too since it shows a weekly practice chart. I love how it combines the timer with the metronome, and makes the metronome a little more fun, might counteract the typical dread of using the metronome.

  5. I would love a PractizPal! I think it would really motivate some of my students to practice more and help them see just how much or how little time they are putting in.

    Also, what a fun metronome1

  6. What a fantastic idea! My students would love this, and loaning it out would certainly provide the incentive to practice more efficiently and more often. Besides that, kids love techno-“toys” and this certainly fits the bill.

  7. These look fabulous! I would love to use this in my studio, sending it home with a different student each week in hopes that parents would then purchase one for their child. Have used practice charts in the past which usually get filled in on their way to lessons each week – aargh!

  8. What a great idea! I have twin boys who have been studying piano with me for several years now and its like pulling teeth to get them to practice, let alone practice to a metronome! This would definitely grab their attention and maybe even get them to practice! LOVE IT!

  9. It is so cute! A lot of my students need metronomes, so this would be awesome to show parents–multi-function!

  10. It is nice to have that visual of how much they practiced. And they would hopefully remember it better than writing it down.

  11. I think this might be a fun and motivating tool to use and loan to students- might not get so much eye rolling when students are required to use a metronome!

    And the Facebook page is liked!!

  12. I would love to try one of these with my students and get the Uk market interested in such an innovative practice tool.

  13. You’re absolutely right, it would get noticed (especially that Rossini Raspberry one!) & probably used a lot more than some.

  14. I have a practice competition every 3 months whereby students compete for a cash reward. This would be a much easier way for them to keep track of their practice time rather than having to watch a clock. I would LOVE to have the practizPal to show each parent and would give them the information as to how to order one for their child.

  15. I would love to have one of these tools. I do allow my students to take home my metronome but it would be great if I could share this unique one.

  16. I think this would be a great tool to help students who have “metronome phobia.” I love that it comes in many colour choices.

  17. This looks like a fun way to record practicing. I can see some of my habitual “forgetters” having fun with this! Thanks for the post.

  18. Love this idea! I would like to win one to giveaway to the first student who completes their Scales, Cadences, Chords and Arpeggios.

    And yes, I liked their facebook page.

  19. My students would love this tool because it’s so user-friendly and looks cool too! Definitely not your typical metronome!

  20. I LOVE the fact that practice times are in a graphic format. Great visuals! Also – I have already “liked” this page. Will be sharing this on my studio Facebook page.

  21. This looks like such a great all-in-one tool for students! I would love to loan it out for students to use, so parents could see what a great practice tool it is as well! I think it would really benefit them to see how much they have (or haven’t) practiced. I liked them on facebook also!

  22. This looks like an awesome product! I would love to have one to loan out to students to promote it. Its presence in my students’ bookbags would also be helpful in reminding me to use the metronome more during lessons.

  23. I would love for my students to try this. 80% of my student has studied for a year or less and this would get them in a good habit of using a metronome and be motivated to practice. They could have something other than their notebook to help remind them! Please..choose me!

  24. Awesome! My students would love to practice alongside the “PractizPal” metronome. I like the name as it suggests that practicing does not have to be an isolated endeavor. The combination of features in one device is fantastic. My students can work on improving their rhythm as well as gain valuable goal setting skills. Thank you so much for a chance to win such a cool prize!

  25. It’s so interesting that it might motivate my students to use it. And I love the built in practice chart. Very neat idea!

  26. My students love technology! Nothing motivates them more than an app or a gadget. I have two boy students that are cousins and they would love figuring all of the ins and outs of this fun little gadget!

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