KMEA Conference Follow-Up

boy-with-note-smallEdit:  Unfortunately, this session was cancelled due to inclement weather.  I’m still in Kansas City waiting on the snowplow to find our neighborhood instead of enjoying a day with colleagues in Wichita. 🙁  I had set this message to auto-post while I was on the road, and forgot to un-schedule it.  But… in case any of you might find use for the handout, I’ll leave it up.  Enjoy!


Thanks to all of you who joined me for “The Music Teacher’s Toybox” session at this year’s KMEA Conference.  I hope you came away with some fun new ideas to try with your students this semester!  

If you’re new to this site, I’d encourage you to take a look through the Teacher Resources menu above.  You’ll find all of the printable games and resources I shared during the workshop, along with much, much more!  

As promised, here’s the link to a digital copy of your workshop handout, complete with links to the different resources I mentioned:

KMEA Conference Handout (304.0 KiB)

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through the different resources on this site, and find some things you and your students will enjoy.  Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have questions about anything you find here!


KMEA Conference Follow-Up — 2 Comments

  1. Jennifer,

    I am a Kansas music teacher and subscribe to your blog already. I thought I had missed your session because it had moved to another room. I love your site. I actually put your website on my handout. I present tomorrow Centers for the Elementary Music Room. I am sorry you are snowed in. I will look forward to meeting you at another convention in the future. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas. Christina

    • Hi Christina,

      I’m sorry I missed meeting you! I was disappointed not to make it to the conference (although I wasn’t sad to miss driving on the highway with a foot of snow!). I hope your session went well, and that I have the chance to meet you another year!


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